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What is our Focus and Where will you find our Priorities of Involvement

Local Church

LifeLine Ministries is committed to building the local church. While we have an established home base where we worship, we do not consider the local church to be our competition.

We are committed to finding areas of agreement, where we can serve the Lord Jesus Christ, with a primary purpose and goal of leading lost individuals to a Salvation experience which through faith and by obedience will result in transformed lives.

Worldwide Missions

LifeLine Ministries operates the LifeLine Core Missions Board. We believe there is a need for a mission board to identify and support independent missionaries around the world.

We do not diminish the need of other mission boards affliated with local and national churches but rather seek to provide a platform for believers to support missionaries who might otherwise be overlooked.

We believe the calling and purpose of the Church is to take the Good News of the gospel to the lost world and every effort should be made to promote those active in the work while providing a structure of accountability.

Web and Social

LifeLine Ministries believes there is great use in the technology available to us. We utilize the Internet in many facets to provide communication about and with our Ministries and Missionaries.

We believe that equal to our ministry in the local community and throughout the world, the internet allows communication with a population that might otherwise not be reached.

While we use this technology for the purposes of aiding and enabling many of our ministry outreaches; we believe that the internet ministry should be built and nourished. 

Our Core Ministry

What are we about, What do we do and Why are we here

Statement of Faith

Our Core Doctrinal Beliefs


Proclaiming the Gospel


Exalting Christ in Community


Taking the Gospel to the World 

Equipping the Saints

Discipleship, Training, Materials and Bible College

Compassionate Provision

Feeding the Hungry, Clothing the Needy, Providing practical resources  

If You Desire to support one of the Missionaries or other Ministry Effort, Please Donate Here using PayPal.
You are encouraged to complete the contact form at the bottom of the Main Page and Tell us your desired Missionary/Project/Area for your Donation to be assigned and 100% will go to that effort.
If you provide us an email address, we will send you a contribution receipt and a quarterly accountability letter.

LifeLine Ministries

Roadmap of how we arrived here and where we hope to go

  • 1974-2019

    Ministry and Family

    Tim was involved in ministry, local and foreign, as a teenager. He and Diane met at a Christian College and served on a local mission team together. They were married in 1977 and have 4 children and 11 Grandchildren. Their involvement in ministries have ranged from various staff positions to Lead Pastor and wife in several churches.

  • 2005

    Ministry Vision

    The Lord birthed the idea of LifeLine Ministries in 2005. While a number of other priorities had to be completed, the ministry of LifeLine has continued to evolve and mature as the Lord has directed.

    What does the name LifeLine CORE represent:

    LifeLine - This name was impressed upon me several years ago because we believe the LifeLine to every man, woman and child is the Gospel Message of Salvation.

    I want the ministry to be focused always on the purpose of the gospel CORE - This is an Acrostic where each letter represents one of our pillars or one of the foundations of our ministry 
    C - This stands for COMMUNITY - Building the Community of Believers 

    O - This Stands for OPPORTUNITY - We are a ministry of Service and providing Opportunites for people to worship, give and serve the Lord 

    R - This stands for REDEMPTION - Our primary and Core message is the Redemption that Christ brings. Through Redemption, He delivers from bondage, he liberates from sin. We will meet other needs when possible like clothing, and food BUT nothing will ever be more important than the GOSPEL message. 

    E - This stands for EDUCATION - Once we win a person to Christ, we will disciple them by teaching them. We will educate the children in the truth of the Bible, we will train men called to preach so they may learn and grow.  

    LifeLine Ministries - The Parent Ministry and Local Church

    LifeLine Core Missions - The Mission Board and Mission Outreach of the ministry

    LifeLine Bible College - The Training ministry 

  • 2019

    Mission Board Formed

    The establishment of the LifeLine Core Missions Board has been with one purpose; unite believers in our circles of contact and influence with independent, faithful and serving missionaries. Many of these missionaries have limited or no support structure and are able to fulfill many of their goals and missionary vision with relative modest support.

    It is our desire and commitment that 100% of the funds given to these missionaries will be delivered to them without any reduction for money wiring, transfer or administrative fees.

    The mission board will serve as a board of accountability and communication and will implement, when possible, social network mechanisms for supporting various projects in the field, like Bible distribution, Food provision, Missionary support and Transportation as a few examples.

  • 2020

    Local Church Established

    Plans are currently underway to establish a local church fellowship in the southern most part of our home area. We are praying for direction and open doors as we prepare for this great adventure.

  • 2020

    Bible College

    We anticipate late in 2020 our plans for the LifeLine Bible College will be implemented. The initial implementation of service will be elctronic, on-line and internet based.

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